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Updated : 2009-01-28
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Category: Games
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Type: Freeware
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"A hilarious mix of lemmings and Dragonball Z fight series."

Do you like Lemmings? Do you like Dragonball Z? Then you'll have a great time with Lemming Ball Z!

As you will no doubt have already guessed, Lemming Ball Z is a curious hybrid of two classic games: Lemmings and DragonBall Z. In Lemming Ball Z you control two lemmings that confront each other in furious combat, with a multitude of items and power-ups to increase your power in the DragonBall Z style. It has destructable 3D terrain, the ability to add your own levels/characters/moves to the game, multiplayer mode with 2-4 players online or local, good old-fashioned Hot-seat play, slow-motion, fancy graphics, Netplay without configuring, an AI to practice with, and lots of Blood!

Lemming Ball Z has really brilliant graphics, for which you need a graphics card that supports 3D, and at least a Pentium III at 500Mhz. Lemming Ball Z: an incredibly entertaining game.

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